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College Connections

Welcome back for the second year of your UCF experience! Hopefully, by this point in your journey, you have found your ‘fit’ within the university. Your second year in college brings on more exciting opportunities and challenges. Now that you have acclimated yourself to being a college student, the next step is to successfully transition into your College. Below is a checklist of some key aspects to either know or begin gaining knowledge for a smooth second year.


  • Solidify or declare major
  • Identify College Advising office and location
  • Know important dates and requirements for degree program
  • Make contact within College
  • Be aware of important course sequences
  • Know how to schedule advising appointments
  • Monitor your progress/where you stand/how close you are to milestones
  • Know and understand your major and its requirements
  • Know how to locate and use Undergraduate Catalog
  • Understand Degree Audit
  • Submit summer and/or fall semester course schedule to College Connections

Educational Support

  • Be familiar with your myUCF portal
  • Clear up all Holds and To-Dos (found on your myUCF portal)
  • Verify financial award
  • Actively research scholarships and other financial support opportunities
  • Confirm housing arrangements
  • Identify where your classes are located and set a plan
  • Plan out which school supplies will be needed for the semesters

Personal Growth

  • Plan on getting involved on campus
  • Seek out appropriate academic and personal resources
  • Lon onto KnightConnect to connect with other students and RSOs
  • Identify and confirm a faculty/staff mentor
  • Explore service opportunities
  • Set personal and academic goals along with action items
  • Develop personal financial management skills

Professional – Career Path

  • Start thinking about internships/experiential learning opportunities
  • Research how major/course align with career path
  • Design a Life Map
  • Attend Career Fair
  • Create/Update Resume
  • Contact Career Services for activities and workshops
  • Consider ways to learn more about your desired career field

Want a physical copy of this checklist to take with you? Access our printer-friendly version of the 2nd Year Checklist.